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Prof. Anthony B. Watts

Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics

Mendips Field Trip


The Mendip Hills 2nd year field trip has been running since 1999. The aim of the trip is to introduce students to geophysical methods (gravity, magnetic, seismic, electrical) and their application to geological problems.


Views from the 180 Ma + unconformity surface at Tedbury Camp, near Frome. Inferior Oolite (Jurassic) in background, Black Rock Limestone (Carboniferous) in foreground.


The eastern limb of the Beacon Hill pericline at Tedbury...

The Study Area...

The southern limb at Waterlip Quarry...

The northern limb at Fairy Cave Quarry...

Gravity measurements and levelling at the Waggon and Horses..

Magnetic measurements north of Beacon Hill farm

Seismic reflection and refraction measurements using a sledgehammer source west of the Fosse Way

Example of some of the seismic data showing north-dipping reflections in the Portishead Beds (Upper Devonian)